The Prologue EP released on Dec 21st, 2021 click here to download.



1. Survival of the Wittest

2. The Chthonic Deities

3. All is Avenged

4. Bacchus Up

5. Debacle in the Retirement Home (ii)

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UK band The Book of Revelations released the EP "The Prologue" at the start of 2022, and progressive rock is the style explored on this production.

Classic era progressive rock is what we get on this EP, with soft and elegant movements with liberal amounts of dream-laden keyboard and guitar details wrapped up inside a distinct symphonic progressive rock orientation, with spoken style melodic lead vocals, pastoral interludes, a whimsical attitude and a small array of subtle, quirky and challenging instrumental manoeuvres.

The press release describes the music as being in the same vein as good, old Genesis, and it is tempting to describe this EP as one that explores the very same territories. Up to and including lyrics that by plan or accident at times contain direct references.

A production to seek out by those who enjoy the slightly softer side of 1970's Genesis and music of a similar nature.