Debacle in the Retirement Home (part II)                                                 

Do you remember me, I remember you                                                                      

Thirty years ago last November, that cold wind blew

But you warmed me, oh, how you warmed me.


A Rock band with Yurri? Well I didn’t know                                                              

You didn’t let on the last time; you were incognito

 It could have been fun, two for the price of one.


Back to the Summer of Love, to a memory when                                                       

Harri was good for me then, he’ll be good again

This tryst that she sought, won’t go amiss, she thought.


Join me in five in Room 619,                                                                                      

I’ll slip into something less formal

We’ll share a line, and dine with fine wine,

I promise you it will be divine.


When Donni sees what’s going on; his libido now on the rise                                    

Oi! Xavvi get your kit off, give me back that disguise

If she thinks you look like Harri, I’m sure I can pass the test  

And Harri’s “second coming” will be better than the best.


So Donni creeps in to Room 619,                                                                               

And tells her it will be all right.

“Dim down the light, did you mention a line?

And do what, Maeve? “Okay, I just might!”