The Chthonic Deities

When Chas the Greek castrated Uri, the blood and semen flowed

Some of the seed came all over Gay, and wha’ d’you know

Nine months later a smileless child from a mad mam and dad, a rum dad and mum

Given the name of Ice Cold Alex, The Eternally Angry Young Woman

There’s not much scope in the caring professions for one with an eye on the moral transgressions

So it’s off to join “The Vengeance Police”


 Mandys and Alcohol rarely mix, here’s Tissy the Hissyfit

No pleasant cocktail this little minx, a shock of a tale

Mandy is jealousy as hell of her daughter with badness and gladness, no hint of sadness

She sells her into the white slave trade but Luck doesn’t forsake her,

a young buck takes her, and makes her his wife but this hapless chap’s poisoned by trouble and strife 

Not an auspicious start to their married life.


Daughter of Night and an Ache in the groin of a father who should have known better

Another avenging angel was spawned but forget the begetter

This Miss would enlist with Alex and Tissy, seek out the disloyal, whether common or royal

And avenge, avenge, avenge, avenge, she’s christened “The Jealous One”

She’s green with envy and angry as hell, complementing the others so well

This evil triumvirate is ready to run.

Job done!