Survival of the Wittest

One day, Promo, decided to challenge the Almighty One

to play a trick on the Godfather, to have a little fun

A game of wit and wisdom, an opening seen to get one up

In my left hand a ball, in my right hand a cup

Cup, ball, ball, cup; ha, ha, ha!


listen carefully, though, as always there’s a trick in the tail

choose the plain ball or choose the gold cup, it’s up to you

Will you win, lose, pass or fail.


Nought but gold caught Zero’s eye,

Winning lukewarm vinegar, far too far gone

He could have won the ball filled with chilled Dom Perignon

“Champagne for my friends”, thought Promo, “real pain for my enemies”.


Consumed by greed and need, Zed could not resist the allure of the gold,

but listen, all that glistens is not necessarily cold.