The Plumes of Enceladus

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Malice À Forethought (a cautionary tale in five parts) 

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Track 1.  Part (i) The Hypocratic Oaf

Track 2.  Part (ii) Survival of the Wittest 

Track 3.  Part (iii) Revenge is Sweet, so Slayeth the Lord 

Track 4.  Part (iv) P and/or A

Track 5.  Part (v) Post Box


PROMETHEUS (Greek for Forethought) and brother EPIMETHEUS (Afterthought) work for the Gods as their representatives on earth and were known to fashion men from clay. As a reward ZEUS gives fire to humans.

But one day they decide to challenge ZEUS at a sacrificial meal marking the "settling of accounts" between mortals and immortals. PROMETHEUS played a trick on ZEUS. He placed two offerings before the Olympian: a selection of beef hidden inside an ox's stomach (nourishment hidden inside a displeasing exterior), and the bull's bones wrapped completely in glistening fat (something inedible hidden inside a pleasing exterior). ZEUS chose the latter, setting a precedent for future sacrifices; henceforth, humans would keep the meat for themselves and burn the bones wrapped in fat as an offering to the gods.

This angered ZEUS, who reclaimed the fire from humans in retribution. PROMETHEUS in turn stole it back. ZEUS calls on his three daughters (also known as The Three Fates, ATROPOS, CLOTHO and LACHESIS) to conjure up a suitable punishment. So PROMETHEUS is chained to a rock where his liver is eaten out daily by an eagle only for it to be regenerated by night.

As a further punishment(?) ZEUS sent PANDORA (All Gifts) the first woman, to live with men. Despite PROMETHEUS's warning, EPIMETHEUS accepted this "gift" from the gods. PANDORA carried a jar with her, from which were released evils, pain and diseases. PANDORA shut the lid of the jar too late to contain all the evil plights that escaped, but hope remained in the jar.

Years later, the Greek hero HERCULES would shoot the eagle and free PROMETHEUS from his chains.



Track 6. Love Letter from a Newspaper to a Coffee Cup (Lyrics by C Turhan)

Track 7. The Chthonic Deities of Vengeance

Part (i) The Tri-cycle of Life (including - Incest! A Game for all the Family)

Part (ii) The Chthonic Deities (including - The Genesis of Nemesis)

Part (iii) The Furies at Work (including - Families? Who'd have 'em?)

Part (iv) All is Avenged (including You Men; IDs Please)

The CHTHONIC DEITIES dwell in the underworld, wherein also lie the souls of the dead. There are many deities, but here we will concentrate on just three, THE FURIES (in Greek, THE ERINYES or EUMENIDES) dedicating themselves to vengeance. These are:-

ALECTO Meaning “unceasing anger”. Daughter of GAIA, fathered by the spilt semen from URANUS after he had been castrated by CRONOS (Ouch!!)

TISIPHONE Meaning “Avenging murder”. Daughter of ALCMAEON and MANTO. Sold into slavery by her step-mother because of her beauty; then fell in love with CITHAERON (KING OF BOEOTIA), but one of the snakes on her head poisoned him!

MEGAERA Meaning “Jealous One”. Daughter of NOX and ACHERON

The three pursue CLYTEMNESTRA and ORESTES, as CLYTEMNESTRA killed her husband AGAMEMNON, the KING OF ARGOS for sacrificing their daughter IPHIGENIA and returning from the wars with CASSANDRA as a concubine. This is just after CLYTEMNESTRA is unfaithful to him (AGAMEMNON), whereupon ORESTES kills CLYTEMNESTRA, his own mother! Oh, and don’t forget ELECTRA, the eldest daughter of AGAMEMNON and CLYTEMNESTRA.


Here is a link to a review of the album by Henri Strik of Background Magazine, an on-line magazine for Symphonic and Progressive Rock in The Netherlands.


The Plumes of Enceladus

N.B. Enceladus is now top of the list of Saturn’s 62 moons in the search for extraterrestrial life, after the discovery of the water plumes issuing from its South Pole.