A love Letter from a Newspaper to a Coffee Cup  

(words by Cathryn Turhan)

She called me blue print, she said 

That before me there was nothing 

but draining boards and bed-side tables, 

un-coastered, shrinking from the alarm. 

That she kissed away my paper cuts because it made her calm

She with that black skin, smelling of mornings and bad diners. 

But with eyes as round as berries, swollen and sad 

Because I reminded her of the poetry she left on her desk 

Because my words came bleeding from the centre of my chest. 


We could be the quiet couple, squabbled over crossword clues, 

Bu she always arched my spine though, tattooed rings on the news 

The shape of open mouths against my skin, centre-spread. 

Tongue-singer, kept her fingers inky, kissed the magazines instead.

And when I saw? A smile handle-wide, without a bean of guilt, 

 “My darling, it was only milk, why cry now it’s been spilt?”