Theo climbed the golden staircase, silver spoon in mouth and hand

Not a thought for daddy’s workers or the precious family brand, 

His father’s furniture business was caught in a futon feud

His deadly rival, by the name of Mac, his usual call was due

for the annual cull of the cream of the shop.


But this year is very different; this year is not quite the same

Theo has a change of heart in favour of the family name

Behind cushion covers of pastel colours he enters the changing room

He tries on his disguise on and goes off with the chosen few 

Who will slave for Big Mac in Big Mac’s Factory.


Mac’s little girl called Annie was once the apple of his eye

But his eyes are now on other luscious fruit

From core to door to dash to cash

From pip to pop to posh to dosh

As Sofas-U-Like is booming, and

Assuming the audit results are as good this year

There’ll be more to cheer about.