Another fortune sought, this time it’s Eddie in The Pool

And with Rose, there’s no holds barred as before 

“Your destiny and your father’s life both rest in your hands 

And what you do with your mother will rock you to your core”.


Thinking she means Mom and Pop gets Eddie in a state

His parents surely don’t deserve this fate

How on earth can this come to pass, they’ve been so good to me

Patricide and matrophilia, too grim to contemplate.


How can I go home?


Got to get out of here,              before this story’s allowed to unfold      

Got to get out of here               This grim account that Rose foretold

Got to get out of here               I can’t accept God’s dice is rolled

Got to get out of here,              before destiny and fate take hold



It’s road rage at a roundabout, that rears its ugly head          

There’s a rowdy Audi driver, he sees red

Both stop, they argue, and so begins “The Dance”

Testosterone is flying, Alpha males, macho stance.


There’s a weird familiarity that’s fueling this contempt                                                            

As Louie squares up to Eddie, and psyches him out

Oblivious to the cameras but The Eye in The Sky sees all

As hammers and tongs are flying, in and around about.


Why can’t I go home?


    Got to get out of here                 Eddie threw Louie a quick one-two. 

    Got to get out of here                 There’s no back down as the tension grew 

    Got to get out of here                 the insults fly and another fuse blew

    Got to get out of here                 as the Ultra-violences ensue. 



Evolution deems that fitness triumphs every time.

The denouement to this gruesome pantomime

Is the inevitable outcome at the end of the day. 

Finally, slain by his son, there Louie lay.


Now can I go home?